Traditional, international and fusion cuisine that will surprise you

A select, diverse, varied fresh and healthy gastronomic offer to share at any time of the year will surprise you on the Costa Tropical. A selection of young chefs are betting on avant-garde cuisine, recovering traditional dishes with a contemporary touch, recreating popular wisdom with new versions.

A new gourmet kitchen to discover the gastronomy of km 0 giving value to the products of the region and making the Costa Tropical become Gastronomic Destination of reference in Spain.

Of taverns, restaurants and chiringuitos of the Costa Tropical

A fresh and healthy gastronomic offer, products of the sea and our garden can be savored in the many taverns, bars, restaurants, restaurants and magnificent chiringuitos bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.

They should try the rock fish with salt, seasoned fish fry, seafood and shrimps of excellent quality. Another specialty is tropical salads where creativity allows to offer fresh vegetables from the garden with tropical fruits of local production. Cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, pickles, avocados, mangoes, chirimoya, are an excellent proposal to share at any time of the year. Crunchy roasted threads stuffed with ham and cheese from the villages of the Sierra Nevada, with a touch of olive oil from Granada are specialties you must try. Fried aubergines with sugar cane honey, avocado with prawns, guacamole with anchovies, roasted sardines or octopus over a wood fire, are simple but tasty dishes that you can only discover at the seashore. Choose one of the excellent Wines of Granada DOP. It will be surprised. In the bay of La Herradura, Almuñecar, Salobreña, Motril, Torrenueva, Calahonda, Castell del Ferro, La Mamola or La Rábita you will enjoy at any time of the year a wide variety of taverns, a restaurant with local flavor, and sand bars on the sand to enjoy the sun on the beach.

Check the Chiringuitos de la Costa Tropical website and choose. Enjoy your meal.

Espetos Playa Granada

Gastronomic itinerary through the white villages of the valley and the mountain

The white villages of the interior conserve popular wisdom by deliciously cooking choto or goat, grilled rabbits, deer, crumbs and delicious fennel stew. In the Rio Verde Valley you will find places like Bellavista Restaurant orEl Capricho overlooking the pretty village of Otívar, specialized in grilled meat and game meat. Mesón Vicente of Molvízar, El Olivo and Carmen in Guajar Alto; The Restaurants El Surtidor, La BrasaEl Nacimiento of Vélez de Benaudalla offer Andalusian and traditional cuisine of excellent quality in product and service.

In the mountains of the Contraviesa we find the places of the route of the wine and the almond tree of the Costa Tropical. Places like Albuñol, Sorvilán, Albondón, Polopos, or Murtas where visitors are forced to visit their wineries and buy good wines and taste good cheeses, sausages, sweets like the soplillo, the fig bread. Do not forget to visit the Enological Center 4 Vientos, located in a magical place, at the top of the mountain range, with the Mediterranean on one side and the Sierra Nevada on the other. Winery, Wine Museum, Interpretation Center, Museum of farming tools, vineyards and restaurant where you can taste the products of the land is a must for lovers of popular traditions and the world of wine.

Restaurants with shows and live music

Taste our local cuisine and enjoy our different types of live entertainment: music, shows, monologues or flamenco shows are some of the proposals that will make your lunch or dinner fun and unique.

At the Costa Tropical you can reserve your table and enjoy flamenco live, jazz or some of the proposals offered throughout the year offered by La Ventura Restaurant or Venta Luciano in Almuñécar, La Traviesa Restaurant in the old town of Salobreña. In high season there are others such as Tito Yayo in the beach of Cabria Almuñécar, El Peñón de Salobreña restaurant, and El Nacimiento de Vélez de Benaudalla restaurant.

Numerous nightclubs has its own concert program and live shows. Sunahra Beach Club in Motril, Hoyo 19 in Playa Granada Motril, La Cochera in La Herradura, La Pelillera in the Bajos del Altillo, or Pub Jabeque in Almuñécar are the classics.

Cenar escuchando flamenco

Sweets, pastries and locally produced rum

Torta Real, Ron Granada

The ancient sugar tradition of this region is manifested in Moorish pastries such as mohina casserole or pestiños, sweets made with cane honey or glazed sugar like royal cake, and rum production, distilled and aged in the cellars of the Costa Tropical, with which they make sweets, flambéed meats, sauces and cocktails of extraordinary and suggestive flavor.

The best real cakes you should find them in Pastry Shop Videras and Pastry Shop Casa Palomares de Motril, the pestiños in Casa Conchita de Velez de Benaudalla, the aniseed rolls in El Postigo Bakery of Salobreña, and the mohini casserole in Pastry Shop Mari Trini of Almuñécar, excellent in the production of sweets with tropical fruits.

We can not help but recommend the custard from Daniel’s ice cream shop  of Almuñécar ice cream parlor and the curly milk and cinnamon from Pelarrés’s ice cream shop in Motril. Agroindustrias tropicales produce excellent jams of mango, medlar, custard apple and papaya. Find them in the gourmet shops of the Costa Tropical. And the local production rum El Mondero de Salobreña. In Albuñol they must try the wine from Bodegas Nazaries, and in Sorvilán, Rubite and Murtas the sugar and almond soups and the fig bread. Other wineries with excellent wines are Bodegas Calvente in Jete and Bodega 4 Vientos in Murtas. A unique winery that distills, ages and distributes its own rum is called Bodegas Ron Montero Motril. This winery has guided tours from Tuesday to Saturday at 12pm in Spanish and at 1pm in English. Guided tour for groups with prior reservation.

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