Agrotourism Routes

Live the Costa Tropical in a different way. Meet with us the different agrotourism routes, all related to the activities that have been rooted for hundreds of years in our region and that have made our region and our people what they are today.

Discover the flavor and production of our tropical fruits, unique in the European continent, know the processing and extraction of sugarcane, our fishing tradition throughout our coast and the development of our wines and oils. All this enjoying a unique landscape and an ideal environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Route of tropical fruits, sugar and rum

Caña de Azúcar

One of the singularities of the Costa Tropical is the production of unique exotic fruits on the European continent. The Ruta de los Frutos Tropicales through the Rio Verde Valley, Los Guájares, Vega de Salobreña and Motril, producing villages, will discover beautiful landscapes between valleys and hills populated by leafy farms. Some farms that produce cherimoya, mangoes, avocados, papayas, babacos, guavas, can be visited and allow a guided tour of the producer. It is a unique experience that will also allow you to taste the fruit just picked from the tree, know its history, properties, dates of production, maturation, and origin. Some of them are Finca San Ramón in La Herradura, Finca Matagallares de Salobreña, Finca El Pinero. Vidandarte or Green Guide propose special visits where knowledge of the environment and gastronomy is combined.

Agroturismo Frutas Tropicales

The Ruta del Azúcar is a unique experience. Sugar cane, introduced by the Arabs on the Costa Tropical in the 11th century, was taken to America after the discovery. Then the cane juice was extracted and the sugar bread was made on the Costa Tropical. The sugar tradition continued until the 20th century. The visit to the Preindustrial Sugar Museum, unique museum in Europe where you will know the process of making honeys and sugar, before the industrialization; Various sugar mills of great industrial value, classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest, are offered during the visit along the sugar route. To conclude the route you must visit the facilities of Ron Montero, the only winery that distills, brews, ages and bottling rum throughout Europe. A surprise tasting will make the end of the visit a truly unique experience.

Marine route

Marinera route through the Fish Port Fish Market. The visit is a unique opportunity to get to know the world of fishing, and at the same time to know the fishing tradition of the Costa Tropical. A guide leads visitors through the fishing port to show all the ins and outs of the activity and life of the sailors, to know the species captured, the auction, the commercialization, the traceability of the products or the nutritional benefits.
Walking through the port to recognize fishing nets, and the different fishing gears, the types of boats and the rules that fishermen should follow in their work, such as the minimum size of the pieces, the fish they can capture in the area. If you dare you can learn to make some sailor knots. A cruise on the Catamaran Boatdil by the port and the coast complete this interesting visit to the world of the sea between sailors and fishing boats.

Ruta Marinera - Agroturismo

Route of Wine and Oil

The cultivation of the vine and the production of the wine continues being from Roman time a tradition that is maintained in numerous towns of the Eastern mounts of the Tropical Coast. Popularly known as Contraviesa, the Wine Route will discover a series of small towns and villages that become true balconies on the sea. Almond trees, vineyards and olive trees are the predominant products. It is a must to visit the Wine Thematic Center “Finca Cuatro Vientos” where you will know its wineries, an amazing wine museum, restaurant, shop, and a visitable vineyard with tasting room to taste the different wines of the house. You can buy new wine directly from the producer in some family wineries and discover corners and towns where time has stopped. In Jete there are the prestigious Bodegas Horacio Calvente, whose wines are offered in the most outstanding restaurants in Spain and the United States; In their facilities you can request a guided tour and a tasting with Andalusian cuisine pairing guided by the property.

Visitable mills where knowing the history, the process of elaboration and the tasting of oils are another option in this route of producers. In the Rio Verde Valley we find Almazara Aneas located in the beautiful town of Otívar. Strolling through the streets that lead to this mill will reveal flowery corners and viewpoints over the valley. The Olive Oil Museum of Vélez de Benaudalla is an opportunity to learn about ancient machinery, the different varieties of oil produced in the area and in Andalusia. They will be able to buy organic products, local gastronomy and crafts from our region.

Cata de Vinos Costa Tropical

Discover our local producers, with them you can learn first hand the different productions that are made in the Costa Tropical, how the Rum is made, the harvesting of our tropical fruits, the aging of our wines, etc.